How to reach 1 million+ App downloads - Quick hacks


19 Nov 2020


How to reach 1 million+ App downloads - Quick hacks

The way your Mobile App looks, the way it functions, and the platform that you launch it on, play important role in the app experience you are spreading to the users. This means if you want to compete in this saturated market you have to offer the best to the customers. You must deliver what consumers are demanding from your app. Are you planning some unique tactful strategies to make an appeal of your app across the web besides app stores? So here are few unique hacks to share which can help you increase your app downloads.

Pre-launch campaign

Application development includes the number of steps, and everything should be assumed through even at the earliest of them. To guarantee your app idea is effective, you must come up with a prelaunch app marketing strategy.

Market research

It’s difficult to survive with such an abundance of mobile applications in the app stores. Every successful project begins with a complete analysis of its target audience and the competition. This information is crucial when getting started. Knowing your market is everything. Exposure to what your target audience likes and needs and what challenges they face will give you a clearer picture of what consumers expect from you.

Make your app easily discoverable

There are thousands of ways to promote your app from optimizing for app store algorithms, promotion on websites, and many more. However, Google just publicized that the public now most often discover apps, not on the Google Play or App Store but search engines. We can assume 40% of consumers still find apps in the play store, you have to think that how can you optimize your app for people so they can find it easily.

Promote in blogs

To promote your app in greater visibility and awareness, develop an SEO method equally for your website and your mobile app. The other best way to advertise your application in Content marketing. Writing Blogs for the development process on your website, Tumblr, WordPress or any other platform is one of the effective ways of marketing. The blog is a vibrant part of the promotion of mobile applications. It creates attention for your product and provides better search prominence. You must choose the target keywords and quality content and useful information to improve your blog’s rankings.

(ASO) App Store Optimisation:

The day you deploy your app in the play store you won’t get the number of users you are looking for on the same day. Definitely, It will take the appropriate time. This approach includes various app marketing activities

• Select the appropriate App Name,

• Your Target users Are the Most Critical Factor of an ASO Strategy

• writing a good app description,

• A Strong ASO Strategy includes Keyword Optimization.

• getting high ratings and positive reviews

• Relevant and unique app title:

• getting high ratings and positive reviews,

• Screens with catchy feature description:

• reply to negative feedback from customers.

• resolution of customer issues

SEO Matters

Yes, I’m talking about SEO, not ASO… it plays an important role so Use different SEO tools to find keywords for both apps and websites. The tool for the app is Sensor tower whereas for the website it’s Keyword Research Tool or Google Keyword Planner. All you need to do is identify “best targeted” keywords that you want to rank for. Also, examine which keywords your app is presently ranking on, build some excellent links consequently to boost position.

Discounts and Exciting Offers

One of the best ways to promote your app is by giving customers exciting offers, a good deal, or a discount. something extra will always encourage them to download your app. To implement this strategy you have to offer your users discounts and deals according to the timing or the life stage of the application. By adding a coupon to your app goes an extended way in generating interest between your customers. Every kind of sale or discount you place up would absolutely grab the consideration of your prospective consumers.

Encourage your existing users to share your App

Encouraging your existing users to share your App on different social media platforms by offering them rewards points. This technique can help so much to increase your app downloads. If you are promoting your app, it is natural to get fixed, but think that the bloggers and your actual users all lead an eventful life and repetitive intrusions may not be respected. So Do your homework and find out who you should reach out to you before you go sprinting into their messages, emails, social media accounts. 

Be available in all app stores

Involve your customers, users, and other attentive people on both Google Play and Apple App Store but do not rely only on Google Play & App Store; because there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app. According to available data, if your app is submitted on other relatively less common stores, it can increase the downloads of your more than expected by 200% more compared to the Google Play store. These are many other good app stores that you can consider:

• Amazon Appstore

• Opera Mobile Store

• AppsLib

• GetJar

• SlideMe

• AppBrain

Update your app Constantly

To let the customers know that you are always making the app better for them. Users will feel bored if you are not doing anything to give a better experience to your users. Keep your app content renewed and let your clients know that you are always preparing something more for them. 


Getting millions of downloads is not so easy, but there are many ways that you can do to grow the probabilities of reaching such an epic number. It starts with the performance of your app. If your app runs efficiently, it will be cooler for you to get users high ratings and favorable reviews.