iBeacons will revolutionize the Event Industry

By John Smith

30 Aug 2018

iBeacons will revolutionize the Event Industry

iBeacons are everywhere. Literally.

In fact, they are previously in use in over 250 million iOS devices. Since Apple quietly announced iBeacons at WWDC, the buzz has been increasing surrounding the potentials for the expertise based on Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.

Any device that transmit the same frame to other devices on the network is called Beacon. Event industry transformation is by the development of Beacon apps. The expertise used in the apps renders uncountable openings to advancement the user experience. Whatever shortcomings come up at any occasion, site, exhibition or any get-together; with iBeacon, all gaps can be filled to provide an event full of visit and synchronicity.


Faster and easier registering

iBeacons, provide the event organizer the opportunity to deliver timely content to the events attendees. Without stand in long queues at the events, iBeacon apps can automatically check in and check out at the events. The application can make processes at the event by just scanning the QR code or the chosen form. On the effective record, the iBeacon app can direct attendees to the right place by automatic check in.


 Smart networking

A bigger part of attending an event is to build professional networks. That’s you must move around looking at attendee’s badges. With geofencing, beacons can connect who is existing in an area at any point of time. The app will tell you their name of the person, employer, and designation or description.

A quick LinkedIn search will give you enough detail to strike a expressive chat with any of them. You can strike a company or even influence them to devote in your startup.

Guide the way

Most important usage of iBeacon apps is that, its assistances help people reach from one place to another at the occurrence. The application leads the visitors at the event by direction to reach an end point. Such is called the floor maps that help people find their path to their terminus in the event. iBeacon app expansion services help find positions when one gets misplaced at the event site.

Food & beverage guide

Food is an essential part of any event. Here the iBeacon apps have their way to guide the member to the food varieties of their choice along with the details of its ingredients. Also, serving an exquisite variety of food is essential to have complete event experience. The food must be arranged in a way that caters all the people present at the event Such a service is commendable when people might want to avoid certain food items due to dislike or food restrictions.

On the other hand, the iBeacon app even contributions the event manager to achieve the preparations by considering the food favorites and habits of the visitors.



Games added to the events via keep eventgoers engaged. One way is to keep pushing Q&A, tips, wow facts to the app as the event progresses. Put members in a leaderboard and prize those on the top at the end of each day is sure to put your event engagement factor on the next level.


Beacons technology can add light to the dull experiences by empowering brands to bring pioneering changes in the old-school event experience, beacons can be addressed as a vital part of any forthcoming event’s engagement strategy in the future.