Manage App’s Negative Reviews and Reimaging Reputation

By John Smith

30 Aug 2018

Manage App’s Negative Reviews and Reimaging Reputation

Everyone knows that reviews can be separated in two groups: positive reviews and negative reviews. In the first case it is very pleasing to accept users’ gratitude and comparatively easy to thank them for sharing it. The second condition is more problematic from all points of view and we will debate further some solutions to achieve those bad responses. From iOS 10.3 developers can answer the reviews on Apple App Store just like the Android developers on Google Play Store. There are very significant things produced by app reviews for the achievement of your app:


Each day when you launch your application act as a landmine. While you can be excessively alert to not ever step on them, probabilities are that when you do, it would take a lot to improve from the harm. In this article, we are going to tell you the mysteries of how you can achieve your brand’s status, both on the app and in terms of your online kingdom.

App’s Reputation monitoring Tools

To Monitor Your App’s Reputation. you should set up the subscriptions for app monitoring tools before you even approach the submit app key. These softwares get all that is being mentioned about your application online and at the same time, they inform you of new reviews on the Play Store or App Store. There are several application standing management platforms you can choose for in the quest to be one step fast of fighting negative reviews about your product.

Provide Troubleshooting Steps

Give them a stage full of troubleshooting resolutions that they can apply and get a redressal, the chances of them transitory a bad appraisal will automatically be invalidated. So, we recommend is that you hire online experienced online mobile app reputation manager and brainstorm all the different situations that the users can face which can aggravate them and then work on troubleshooting guide to resolve it for them in one place.


Real-Time Answering

You need a dedicated team in place who would be accountable for answering all the app assessments in real time in the play store and app store earlier your app hits the market. One of the biggest ways of how apps effect brand status is by not responding to the users. An unaddressed review is in many ways equal to be a substance to a dull reputation. This will guarantee that no bad mention goes unaddressed

Keep the Reply Very Short

keeping your comment very short is the number one formula in every and never use the comment segment of the stores or any social media platforms as your mode to reply paragraph-sized explanations or defenses to the complaining user. you can take 3 lines as your normal size of response.  

Navigate the Reporter on a Private Network

Instead of justifying or clarifying the miscommunication on a social platform simply mention your email id in the comment and ask the users to contact there – thus taking them away from the platform where there is space for the good evaluations to produce. After all, if you pass a bad message online as a brand, the user out of ego will only take it onward and beyond, in place of understanding the state.

Do not Take It Individual

After reading the undesirable review is to get furious and to attack the person who wrote it. Stop your aim and think about it for a second. Maybe that user is right, and your app produced him worrying moments or he just had a bad day and your app has nothing to do with his problems. Either way you must maintain your control and to discover what is the real Issue.

Ignore the Trolls and keep calm

As we already said, there are some cases when the assessment is not even about your app. It doesn’t worth to pay consideration to this type of peoples. Just make it clear in a friendly way that you won’t fell in their trap to harm your status.


Ask Ratings at right time

It is important to ask for reviews, but the most annoying things which only heightens the prevention of a bad experience offering mobile app is when the app asks for reviews at every possible time. It can miscarry when you have not timed it right or instead of directing them straight to the store, first give them the option to share what they are feeling in the app – this way you will be able to create a gap between negative responses and the stores. So, let the users arrive at an app stage before you pop up the message to leave a rating.

Final thoughts

Most difficult task is to deal with bad assessments for your work, but it is not the end of the world. There are inferior things in life than a bad judgement about your app. Instead you must consider it like a good chance to recover your app and to enhance the experience of the users who consider it suitable for their needs.