Why to choose flutter in cross platform app development_Why flutter is best for startup

Why to choose flutter in cross platform app development_Why flutter is best for startup


The cross-platform app development allows you to create apps and allows you to use on different platforms like you can use them on Android, ios, and on other platforms.

Currently, there are different cross-platform app development platforms available and in this article, we will tell you some main reasons to use flutter app development in the cross-platform app development field.There may be some reason for you to use cross-platform app development like If you just started and you want to take your business online or even if you want to develop an app in a short term.

How to create flutter app? If you know coding or you have your own devlopers then you can do it by yourself. But if you don't have the knowledge of programming then you need to select best flutter app development company to make a best Flutter app. The Hybrid app development company means cross platform app development companywill guide you for your idea and project.

Why Flutter Is Best?

First of all, if you have no idea about flutter let's know about it. then we will talk about its features, and reasons that why you can go with flutter among multiple cross-platform app development platforms.

Flutter is the fastest growing platform as Google is behind. Google is really taking user experience seriously as it is the only platform which shows increament of developers in it.

According to stats, the Flutter is the only cross-platform app development that shows increament of developers. In 2019, the flutter developers were 30%, and in 2020 the data changed to 39%.


Source: Statista

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a UI toolkit to create native-looking apps for android, ios, and other platforms on a single codebase. Flutter works on write-once works everywhere. The developer just needs to write code once and it will run on a different OS. Flutter is introduced by google and developers are trying to make it better and better.


But Here is why Flutter is best let's talk about that...


What Makes Flutter best from other cross platform app developent platforms?


1.The Advance features of Flutter-

Google is improving flutter day by day and introducing the best features which help in the development and also make the development process easy. Let's look at some features of flutter which makes flutter best.



Hot Reload Feature-


The hot reload feature works on the virtual machines and the best part you can see live what changes you have made and how they are looking so you can change them according to you. You can just build UIs and see the live changes by hot reload. In flutter, everything is a widget and after the update, the flutter framework automatically builds a new tree.


Dart Language


Flutter uses dart as its programming language. Dart is an object orient based programming language that is easy to learn and it is really simple. The dart language also made it easy to build an app. If you are familiar with the oops concept then it will make an easy process for you.


Code Architecture


If you increase nested objects in flutter then it will not affect final performance. In flutter, during processing layout, there are no recursive calls when processing layout. In native apps if you use many widgets then it will affect the performance and while in flutter it will not affect.


As Dart is an easy language it makes it easier to customize and handle the codes.


Expressive and flexible UI


When we talk about UI then flutter has its best features to create the most beautiful UIs. It can able to create native-looking based UIs on a widget-based thing. There are many apps available which are created on flutter and they have beautiful UIs. In flutter, everything is a widget, and google even introduced a widget catalog and also has a UI toolkit to build native-looking apps.

The UI is compatible with version updates.


Rich Libraries-


The libraries factor is strong in flutter and it has its own libraries to use. The developers don't rely on external libraries and if they use they can completely control them and adjust them according to them. The flutter kit has enough elements to build an app without using third party libraries.


Fewer Development Errors-

Development errors are annoying and it can increase development time but in the case of flutter, there are fewer development errors during development. Even during app build, it has no errors if it has then it will be easy to solve.


Less Development time -  

As flutter works on multiple OS so the developers just need to write code once and it takes less time and it will work everywhere, so this takes less development time and cost-effective. 


2. The easy funding with looks-


It is very basic for each kind of business to pull in financial specialists with the goal that they can obtain the ideal measure of funding. Vacillate goes with a wide scope of enhanced UI highlights and instinctive plans, which attracts clients and financial specialists the same. 


Ripple additionally accompanies amazing redid gadgets for Android and iOS – which gives the 'vibes' of local applications and allows engineers to make a consistent and fresh client experience. The widgets that Flutter offers are best when compared with some other cross-platform instrument. The widgets in Flutter aren't simply utilized for views yet plus the entire screen and in any event, for the application itself. 


Plus, Flutter likewise has the Material Design for Android and Cupertino or iOS gadgets for iOS applications that help engineers in creating responsive applications. Utilizing Flutter, designers can develop a smooth and stunning application with no trouble which thus will give a surprising encounter to your clients.

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3. Is flutter good for startups?-Firebase support to flutter-

Firebase is another Google product and flutter also belongs to google so if you are a beginner then you can try your luck with firebase and flutter. Firebase is a platform that provides plenty of services like cloud storage, databases, hosting, and much more. If you are planning to start a startup and decided to create a flutter application then you can choose firebase.
But Firebase has also its limit, it just comes with basic tools so developers will need to create some tools themselves but overall firebase can help you.

4. International libraries for flutter-

For those who are going for flutter application development then you just need to use the widgets to build UI that compatible with different platforms like IOS and android.
If you want to target a specific region with your app then flutter has got your back, you can even target a specific location and flutter will provide text, layouts, languages, and other features belong to a particular specific region.
Each coin has two sides as flutter also has some disadvantages.

Is there any Disadvantages of Flutter?:

Yes, as every coin has two sides, flutter platform also have some disadvantages. Google developers are working hardly to make it best, and provide best devlopment experiencce to users. Lets talk about disadvantages of flutter.


Disadvantages of Flutter-


Large File Size-

The main issue with flutter language is the developed application with flutter is big in size, that's not an issue with native app development. The file size of the developed app can be varied according to the used tool by developers to develop that application. 

Less Third-party libraries-

When you want to create a custom native app then there is somehow we need third-party libraries. The third-party library can add some extra features to your app but it has fewer third-party libraries.


Why to choose Flutter for your startup?

  • With platform functionality and reliability, and all features provide a list of ready-to-use widgets, Flutter is definitely a great way to improve the launch app. In addition, app maintenance can be done very quickly due to its hot feature of Hot Reload, which reduces the risk of losses incurred by your company directly or indirectly.
  • With Flutter, there will be fewer risks and problems with app development as Google will soon come up with Fushia OS reducing the barriers to the app development process.
  • With 39% of developers already using Flutter, it will no longer be a challenge for companies to find flutter engineers.
  • As easy as it is to install, that is why many companies around the world use the platform for example - Alibaba, Google Advertising, AppTree, MyLeaf, and many more.
  • Undoubtedly, the world revolves around digital information and demand, which has become an integral part of our lives today. The growing po The simple answer to both complaints is to develop a Cross-Platform Mobile system with a unique perspective.
  • It is true that big business and startups have two main options for mobile app development (Cross-platform and Indigenous apps). However, due to a lack of budget and funding to build the Native Android and iOS app, startups prefer to go to Cross-platform apps.
  • With the availability of 3.1 billion smartphones and tablets worldwide and operating systems (Android, iOS or Windows), how can you launch an app under a limited budget?
  • Second, the first 305 million startups in the world, how can you put a strong position in the market and stand out from the crowd?

Thus this is how choosing a Flutter can be the best option for you, as we discuss its advantages. It also has some disadvantages. Flutter lets you create beautiful apps with widgets easily. and it takes less development time.

If you want to create your own app or you are planning to launch an app for your business then Flutter can be the best choice for you. You just need to select best Flutter app developers.

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By Jitendra

03 Jan 2021

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