Chinese app ban - Mobile App Business Opportunity

Chinese app ban - Mobile App Business Opportunity


The Indian government is blocking Chinese applications individually due to certain security issues. India is banning Chinese apps for some security concerns. India recently comes into the spotlight as India again banned some Chinese apps.

The Indian government previously banned some popular Chinese apps like Tik-Tok, PUBG, some Alibaba apps, and now snack down. They all have a large user base in India.

This sudden ban on apps has given us an idea of ​​what if we don’t have to rely on foreign apps and then go on to improve our mobile system. Why customizing apps with your local resources should be considered.

Let us first see how Chinese mobile applications entered the mobile Tech Industry and how the administrative decisions to ban Chinese applications in India changed the power of application development around the world.

According to the Sensor-Tower report of 2020, the Zoom and Tik-Tok were the highest times downloaded apps on the play store and App store.  You can see the states below and think about how this can be a great opportunity for you.

Source: SensorTower

Chinese applications are expanding, integrating various components, and have a large consumer base. From financial services to entertainment, gambling, and communications, these apps have entered many markets. Therefore, the government ban brings a good opportunity for the Indians to start building similar or better methods and attract Chinese app users to their flock.


Guide to grab app development opportunity after Chinese app ban in India-


Why Chinese apps banned in India?


Here the main question is why is the Indian government banning Chinese apps? Asked the reason for the decision, he said it was blocking access to the application under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act for breach of contract.

The acquisition limit was made at the behest of the Department of Technology and Technology after receiving complete reports from the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center. The Department of Home Affairs issued a press release making the announcement.

Prohibited applications are not all Chinese but most of them exist. It includes major Chinese retailers such as the AliSuppliers Mobile App, Alibaba Workbench, AliExpress - Smart Shopping, Better Living, and Alipay Cashier. Some apps had a large userbase in India.


Mobile app business opportunity after the Chinese app ban?


1. People will look for Chinese app alternatives:


According to experts, the boycott will affect about one in three smartphone users in India. All of these banned apps including Club Factory, TikTok, ShareIt, and UC Browser had 500 million Million+ Indian users in May, as shown by one of the mobile understanding firms.

Of all these users, 100 million users belonged to TikTok alone. So, now the question is where will these people go to get the amount of entertainment they used to get from apps like TikTok?

The answer is simple: they will look at other options. And for Indian application developers, there are now many opportunities for these users to get stuck in their mobile applications.

Not just TikTok, but many other popular apps now banned (such as UC Browser, ShareIt, Clash of Kings) had millions of users in India. Therefore, now all these users will have to look for replacements. Are you planning to give them the same? Let's help!

After banning Tik-Tok, the Indian government even banned Snack video which was the best alternative to Tik-Tok. Now, this is the right time for developers to launch alternatives to banned apps.

2. Many Jobs Are On Stage:


All of these banned Chinese forums such as TikTok, Hello, Like, and Bigo had Indian creators. For many of them, these “now blocked apps” were the only source of revenue. In addition, many of these applications had offices in India where the work was assigned to various Indians. Therefore, after the ban, several jobs will be at risk and people may need to look for new jobs or sources of income during the epidemic.


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3. Forward Financial Obstacles:


The ban on the Chinese app is expected to create obstacles for Indian unicorns and various startups.

According to experts, working on cross-border investment between the two countries, the closure of applications has created indifference in the minds of Chinese investors and reduced their confidence in Indians.

They said this would have a significant impact on new Chinese investment in organizations such as Paytm, Dream11, Ola, and many more. Chinese investors such as Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi, are heavily active in the Indian Startup Ecosystem and have invested billions of dollars in national partnerships. However, there is a difficult path forward for Indian unicorns, which have shown steady growth in the Indian market and are dependent on Chinese investors.

Therefore, the context of the story is that Chinese-Apps Ban will affect many people in a number of ways. It will affect others positively and others will disrupt it. However, if you are a budding entrepreneur, there is a pool of opportunities ahead of you that you can use to build your empire now.

Now that we have seen why the Chinese app market was influential in the whole market and how due to certain circumstances the Indian government blocked the app.

According to the situation, other countries can also take this step, so maybe this is the right time to grab this opportunity.


opportunities for mobile app development after Chinese app ban-


The Readymade ideas and userbase:


Yes, this is how smartphone users will be when you make a clone app of one of the banned Chinese apps. It would be good for you to be established in an overly user-friendly environment.

This user base requires that their needs are met and you can do that by providing them with the same services. For example, Tik-Tok is banned, and now you can launch the same app alternative.


Chinese app alternatives will be cost-effective:


When using an external application. There are always hidden problems involved. You must pay the recurring costs of services through hiring and contract renewal methods. In any of these countries, either yours or theirs if any policy changes, contracts must be renewed. Including costs.

Another factor is a currency conversion. So there is always the possibility that you have to pay more and that loop does not end.

When you make an app to use in your country. You know the policies and trends. So there are no chances of hidden costs. Plus, it's your app. So you can make changes to the app and there will be no need to pay rent. He will be your boss.


3. Simple Principles:

The main reason why India banned Chinese Apps was a problem in the country’s security and management policy. India claims that Chinese applications violated their security and that is why they had to consider taking this action.

Now we do not support any communities or groups here. But it is possible that the investors of these Chinese applications were actually unaware that such policies are often illegal in India. And that's why I recommend the development of the mobile app for your native.

You will know what policies and policies have been adopted by the Government and in line with that, you can make your applications compliant with national and legal policies. This stands for long-term survival chances for your app.


4. Further Growth:


When using your country app. You have many advantages. As you know what the taste and popularity of users. He is well acquainted with their concepts as you are of the same culture and society. So, you can make apps that you know are needed by the people of your country.

Apart from this, you also have the opportunity to save money by renting an external app, rental payments, and hidden costs. The indicators we have already mentioned in the cost-saving section above.

So saving money, knowing the mindset, and having people do apps for you represents income opportunities and high growth. So we can say that it leads to more growth.


5. The best user experience:


If you know what your customer wants, you can hit the right spot. Banning apps gives you this advantage. Chinese apps have already provided you with a user base as they have created the need to use a specific app for the residents of your country.

But if you develop an app similar to the banned Chinese program and add some features that are based on the mind and needs of the people of your country. It can only add value.

Users are more satisfied and have a better user experience as you present them better than they expected. It feels better so it will lead to more downloads to your app.

6. User Privacy:


It will protect privacy, and protect the information of Indian citizens from unauthorized access. Several reports have surfaced about other mobile apps found on Android and iOS platforms, stealing and unknowingly sending user data illegally to servers located outside of India.


7. Investment:


This initiative could bring significant investment to data centers in India.




Thus this is how it can be a great opportunity in mobile app development after the banning of Chinese apps in India.

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By Jitendra Galani

16 Jan 2021

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