Step By Step Guide For Fluttter Application Development

Step By Step Guide For Fluttter Application Development


These days, the mobile app market depends on a powerful user development process driven by the user. Here, one of the biggest obstacles lies in its chapter on iOS and Android app development. Users of both apps are scattered around the world. Therefore, entrepreneurs can never avoid any of them while targeting a large audience. If you bypass any of these OS, product information may suffer.


Demonstrating 10% monthly and monthly growth from February to March 2020, Flutter regularly receives praise from the developer community for its amazing ability to create shortcut apps with a native quality experience.


One thing Covid-19 has not been able to slow down is the development of the Flutter app. This is reflected in the fact that of the 50,000 Flutter apps on google play, about 10,000 were downloaded by March-April 2020.


In its update to Flutter Spring 2020, Google's Tim Sneath has announced that more than half a million developers use Flutter every month.


Since the launch of the stable version 1.0, Flutter has started winning the hearts of developers around the world. Like Google's SDK for high-performance and dynamic mobile app, Flutter enables developers to pinpoint both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously with a single code. What makes Flutter so appealing is the fact that it can make apps compatible with the upcoming Google Fuchsia program.


Flutter app development is considered a solution to this problem. Flutter app developers can create shortcut apps using it. This post provides a step-by-step guide to using Flutter to build mobile apps. I hope this complete guide will greatly enlighten the development of the Flutter app. Let us start with a brief introduction to this beautiful outline.


key characteristics of flutter application development 


Before dive into our main topic, let's talk about what is flutter?


What is flutter?


Flutter is Google's open-source UI toolkit for developing shortcut applications using a single codebase. Developers can create free native apps for iOS, Android, and web forums with the help of Flutter. What makes Flutter different from other frameworks is the fact that it does not use JavaScript. Google's Flutter platform maintains a single codebase for the development of various applications.


Developed as a framework for open source UI designed to compete with Facebook's React Native, Flutter has now developed into a state-of-the-art framework that allows developers to create native links not only with mobile and web applications but desktop and embedded applications.


So no matter where you want to use your apps - mobiles, laptops, tablets, clothing, TVs, and smart displays - Flutter is back.


Flutter helps Google do what it calls Ambient Computing - the idea that apps built with Flutter are completely available wherever you need them, with absolutely no device limitations.


Some of the best apps made by Flutter include the Hamilton Music app, Google Ads, Alibaba, Reflect, and many more.


UI functionality, source code maturity, security tests, and performance are some of the challenges developers have to face while developing a similar application for different platforms. Flutter app development can easily solve these problems. Flutter apps are written in Dart, the language of applications focused on the Google object. Dart was selected keeping in mind four ways in engineer production, object management, fast distribution, and high performance.


Flutter is an easy-to-use and powerful language for new and experienced app developers alike. This language can greatly increase their productivity and Flutter app developers can provide a powerful UI experience thanks to Flutter widgets. 


Usage statistics of Flutter-

The users of Flutter are increasing day by day. Even if you check the Google Trends up and down in past sevem days, it means people are showing interest in Flutter.


Accoording to states, Flutter is the framework which shows large increament of users in 2020. In 2019 the users of Flutter were 30%  and in 2020 the data goes to 39%, which is better than any other framework.

flutter market share, flutter usge statistics

Source: Statista


What is flutter app development?


Developing rich shortcut apps that automatically behave on any platform using the same codebase, using Flutter as the UI framework will be known as Flutter application development.


So you will be coding only once, unlike coding that is different from the original Android and iOS as in native apps. However, due to the different features of Flutter, your app will look flawless and perfectly mimic the native information specific to the platform.


Open source platform -


Flutter is an open source platform developed and supported by Google. You can turn your creative app idea into a viable solution with the help of a reputable company development app. Built-in design (for Android apps), rich movement APIs and Cupertino Widgets (for iOS apps) are used to create beautiful and graceful apps. In addition, Flutter developers can freely explore various design options while building custom applications using Flutter.


 Hot reloads-


This feature gives Flutter edge to other peers. It empowers engineers to try faster and easier. They can create an easy-to-use UI, add features needed to the app, and debug apps with Hot Reload because they show instant changes. It also shows updates in the ongoing development phase of the app, and app developers can accomplish the project on time.


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Advanced features of flutter-


Everything work on widgets -


The main concept of the Flutter platform is based on widgets. Developers can create a beautiful and expressive UI by combining different widgets according to the client business model. The framework contains rich widgets for building materials, style items, and the like. Flutter app developers can also create custom widgets and stay confident of the program's native functionality.


Widgets play an important role in not only building but also operating the platform. The mobile app development company can allow entrepreneurs to come up with an app that works seamlessly with smooth and smooth operation.


Single Code Base-


When it comes to improving the app for both Android OS and iOS, Flutter is a great option because it requires a single code base to make apps with platforms with the same native experience. A mobile app developer can create a Flutter app that can function as a traditional app in features, UX, and functionality.


Google Firebase Support -


The Flutter framework enables developers to make the most of Google firebase support such as retrieval. Developers can use this support to develop seamless applications.


Adventages of using flutter-


Rapid App Development-


Excellent and innovative features including Hot Reload and a single codebase for Android and iOS platforms can enable developers to build a feature-rich Flutter app in a short time. In-built features of Flutter can be readily integrated with both Android and iOS to give a native-like performance to the app while saving valuable time for developers.


Single Codebase for Both Platforms-


Be it an Android app or iOS app, Flutter facilitates developers to build a robust enterprise-grade app using a single code base. It saves the developer’s time on code management because developers need not write separate code for both the platforms.


Expressive Interfaces-


An appealing and user-friendly UI (User Interface) can attract a lot of people toward an app. Flutter, with separate widgets for Material Design and Cupertino as well as rich motion APIs and simple natural scrolling, assist developers to come up with expressive interfaces with a completely customizable widget. Developers can also re-use code if necessary in the future.


Faster Debug-


The ‘Hot Reload’ feature helps developers code faster as compared to native app development. This feature also enables developers to test code faster and check the changes in the app immediately while building an awesome app. Testing and debugging of an app is faster with the Hot Reload feature.


Easy Learning Curve-


Whether developers have skills in Swift or Java, they can easily learn Flutter and build apps from scratch. Flutter is based on Dart, an object-oriented programming language, which is easy to learn for developers. All developers need to start setup and build the first Flutter app by registering on the official site of Flutter-


Community Support-


This is one of the biggest benefits of Flutter. A thriving community of active developers can help developers resolve their issues quickly thereby saving their time and efforts. What’s more, Google supports and maintains Flutter, which makes the platform highly reliable. It is easy to discuss new features and clear doubts on Flutter as the community keeps on arranging meetups and other events worldwide.


Worldwide, many developers are ready to embrace Flutter app development because of these benefits. Flutter can increase their productivity and ensure the great performance of the app with a shorter development cycle.




As an entrepreneur, you prefer a cross-platform app development platform to build an enterprise app that works well across all known platforms. You can simply contact a mobile app development company to hire a team of Flutter developers to build an app for Android and iOS. In a way, Flutter app development saves a lot of bucks in development costs.


Easy App Management-


Startups and SMEs always find it difficult to manage and maintain their existing mobile apps. Now, Flutter has everything available in widgets. It makes the customization and moderation of apps easy in line with changing requirements. Entrepreneurs need to hire Flutter developers to manage or update their apps. But, there is no need to hire more developers for modification or customization of the app.


Better Team Management-


Enterprise application development is a complex process that involves many developers or programmers. Thankfully, Flutter app development needs a small team consisting of a developer and a project manager with a QA analyst. Such a small team is easy to handle and as an entrepreneur, you need not pay attention to every member’s tasks because the single code can make an app for Android and iOS alike.


Altogether, it is fair to mention that the Flutter app development process is all set to provide a rich user experience similar to that of native apps. All you need to hire certified developers from a reputed mobile app development company to get the app that is compatible with Android, iOS, and even the upcoming Fuchsia platform.


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Step to develop flutter app


If you have decided to create flutter app for your business then you can need to follow some steps to develop a great app.


Select a business model-


The business model helps you to understand how you are gonna generate revenue with your app, so you should first figure out what methods and tactics you should use to generate revenue from your app.


Hire developers-


Now you have the idea and money but if you are not from the coding background then you need to find the best Flutter app development company for you. The cost of your apps depends upon your features so make sure you select your features wisely.


Find Out Your Target Audience-


The targeted audience is the one that will help you to generate revenue. It will be good if you build your app according to your user's interest. For example, if your app is for kids hem you can set your features in that manner so they will love it and will use your app more as you are caring for their interests.


Set Your App's UI/UX Accordingly-


When planning the UI/UX for your application like WhiteHat Jr, ensure you plan it according to the interest of your intended interest group. For instance, with regards to child's applications, UI/UX matters significantly more. A simple and connecting with UI/UX is a certain necessity for a youngster's application. It's harder for youngsters to cooperate with the world. Besides, however, an adult may at times disregard a shrouded way in your application, a child will send your application to the spot that is known for lovely yet loathed toys on the off chance that he doesn't care for the application experience. 


So everything in your application should be clear and it should be easy to use.


Decide the features for your app-


Now it's time to decide the features of your app. The features of your app can take your app up or down. You can select features according to your need that make your app easy to use and clear.


Adding a lot of features can degrade your app's performance so choosing the right features will be the best option for you. If you add a bunch of features and forget to add a useful one then that can also take your app downwards, so choose your features wisely.


Select the Technologies you want to use-


Now it's time to select technologies according to you. This is also a crucial step as it decides the overall performance of your app and decides app development costs. You can use native technologies like kotlin for android, swift for IOS to make your app.


This will cost you more as it will require more developers for your app to build respectively for IOS and android. If you are a beginner then you can use cross-platform app development platforms like flutter, react-native, and xamarin but then you will not able to use advanced features then took your decision wisely, as I told you this is the most crucial step. Now everything is completed from creating a business model to selecting technologies, now you need to hire the best app developers and advisors to raise your app to the next level that's what the last step is.


Flutter app development cost-


Cross-platform app development cost is less as compared to native app development, and Flutter app development is no exception! Though it is difficult to give a standard price of Flutter-based app development, we can give a range of prices by considering the factors including a number of features and app complexity. The price of your app is based upon which features you have decided on.




This is the guide for Flutter application development. If you just started or you are planning for a startup then flutter might be the best choice for you.


We are AppVoxel Technologies, we have the best and experienced developers. We walk with the latest market and trends and can guide you in developing an app. We have flutter testing experts and cross-platform developers with skills and experience. If you have any doubt or planning to develop an app, you can contact us.

By Jitendra Galani

12 Jan 2021

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