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From virtual reality event experiences to virtual reality gaming, our in-house development teams have the ability to create immersive experiences for global enterprises and dynamic startups alike.

Advance Frameworks

AR overlay

Customized Apps

Dedicated Project Manager

Facial Recognition

Gaming Apps

Image Tagging

Immersive VR experience

Mobile End-user Apps

Multimedia Applications

Result-Driven Approach

Sentiment Analysis

Skilled Workforce

Virtual Reality Apps

Visual discovery

All Bases Covered

Our Technology Stack

  • Android
  • Android Studio
  • Anndroid Wear
  • 3D Touch
  • CallKit
  • HealthKit
  • Apple Watch
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cloud Sync
  • Fitbit
  • Google GlassiWatch
  • Gps Watch
  • Gsm Network
  • Samsung Gear
  • Sensors
  • Wireless

Experience & Expertise

We stand out for 90% client satisfaction

Dedicated Team

Dedicated PHP Developers

We provide a dedicated team of developers, project manager, designers and QA and ensure our clients have seamless service experience.

Quick Turnaround Time

Quick Turnaround Time

With our agile development teams, the amount of time taken to complete a process or fulfill a request is shorter to ensure quick reach of product to the market.

20% Average Cost Saving

20% Average Cost Saving

Use of latest and reliable open-source cross-platform technologies to reduce the development time and let you utilise the product budget better

Core Competence

Core Competence

Our harmonised combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish us in the marketplace and help our customers to get more in their budget.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

Agile based methodology to ensure no working hours are wasted in lengthy discussions and communication with the project team.

Cohesive Environment

Cohesive Environment

Committed to provide an environment that fosters trust and respect and encourages positive relationships, where members feel that they are part of a distinct entity, rather than a bunch of individuals working separately.

Strong Skillset

Strong Skillset

From commercial awareness to confidence, we proud to have super-talented players as the part of our team.

Adaptive to new versions and technologies

Adaptive to new versions and technologies

Passionate about learning and turning complex technical things in favour in quick turnaround time..

We Generate Outstanding Results

Most enterprises have transformed their working with our solutions and services

Total Software Developed By AppVoxel Team 250+

Our Happy Clients 150+

Total Number of Employees 80+

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Straightforward solutions to complex business challenges.

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