How IOT and other Emerging Technologies are Linked

How IOT and other Emerging Technologies are Linked


Once artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Cloud computing are joint, they can drastically convert what IoT is capable of. Here, we’ll look at each of these technologies to display their importance for IoT development. IoT is not the only dominant technology in the world right now, let us see the charmed it creates when combined with other trending technologies is opening to take the world by storm.


IoT combined with the Blockchain

Let’s appreciate with the example when using IoT devices to track goods through the manufacturing process, each module can be given an exclusive digital ID enabling its history and actions to be stored in ineffaceable, tamper-proof blockchain sources. Numerous people say that the mixture of these two technologies can be deadly, but it is yet to be verified. Distinctly though, these two are causing the major effect in the business world. Internet of Things is basically the merging of everyday devices into our life which can now use sensors and actuators to detect and work with data. businesses and customers can be assured the product is as described. By combining blockchain technology with IoT, enterprises and their customers can assurance that data is reliable and that products and their mechanisms are honest.


IoT combined with Artificial Intelligence

Combining IoT and AI offers huge potential. IoT devices are often mentioned to as smart devices. But, on their own, they are not that clever. They can take sensual readings, share that info through their internet connection and follow preprogrammed directions or carry out tasks that are sent to them. IoT can deliver the data that can make the business recognize the desires of the customer and AI can be used to mechanize the solutions for the same. To make them truly smart, AI is needed to analyses all the data that IoT devices collect. And they can be made even cleverer when machine learning is used as it gives them the ‘intelligence’ to make informed choices based on prior knowledge.


Combined with AR/ VR

The convergence of IoT with augmented and virtual reality is nothing less than a revolution. It aims at integration the physical and digital world, not in a way where we can just see things, but one where we can give digital objects physical features. The idea of telepresence lets people to be present at locations that are distant. The mixture of these two technologies can also change the way, video conferencing is done, and we can then move easily with the connections of the mobile data. This means the real grounding of digital objects into physical environments and interacting with them in the same way we interact with physical objects. Since IoT is making new ways of interacting with our atmosphere, it lays down a crowd of advantages for enterprises to completely convert their business methods and their income models.



Cloud computing and IoT

However, as the IoT grows, the volume of data being calm is expanding exponentially. As a result, the cloud on its own is fetching less able to deal with the real-time supplies of bandwidth-heavy applications. A key issue in the achievement of IoT is cloud technology which allows huge amounts of data to be conveyed, stored and examined.



IoT combined with Machine Learning

IoT cannot be continually static, it will need somewhat to know the change in environmental factors and limits and then adjust the data accordingly. The industries can save their costs massively if they install ML along with IoT. For example, it can warn the users when the machine needs care. The ML can also help the industries understand the psychology of their customers and they can tune their businesses consequently.



when AI, blockchain and cloud computing, ML are working together they deliver a synergy which is driving the development of the IoT in ways that make it more valuable and powerful than ever before. The Internet of Things are altering our life, one app at a time. Businesses around the world are innovating every single day by combining these technologies, with others, to create answers which one would have considered to only exist in novels before. when they are working together, they provide a synergy which is driving the development of the IoT in ways that make it more useful and influential than ever before.

By Jitendra

30 Aug 2018

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