How to Increase Your App Download_Tactics to increase app downloads in 2021

How to Increase Your App Download_Tactics to increase app downloads in 2021


Who doesn't want users on the app but sometimes it's hard to reach more users but we have some easy solutions for you so you can increase your app downloads and reach as many users as possible. So In this post, we will discuss How to increase your app downloads with some easy steps.

Sometimes your app can't reach more users as it has some problems but we have some tactics for you to follow and definitely, you will see some change.

You created an app for revenue but as it is not reaching users so which means it has less revenue, in that case, there are some tactics we will discuss in this post that will improve your reach and more users mean more revenue.

According to stats, Till 2024 139 billion mobile apps are projrcted to download, you can see in the below states.


So let's dive into some strategies to increase your reach to more users and also increase app downloads.

How to increase your app downloads with some easy steps 

Make a website for the app-

You can create a website for your app and you can rank your website to google, as users will come to your site they will download your app and this can take some time to effect but trust me when your site will rank then your reach will increase and downloads also.

You may have heard about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), To rank a website you need to use SEO. You just need to put keywords on your site and build links and increase the domain authority and it will work.

For an application, this will be helpful to drive traffic when you utilize the correct keywords for most articles on your site. To begin, anybody hoping to dispatch another application should begin with a greeting page and blog some time before any code is composed. The thought is that when the application is delivered you have constructed an after on the web and have solid connections for catchphrases you need your application to target.


Promote your application with social media-

Social media is free and you can use it for your app marketing easily. There are lots of famous social media apps you can use to reach more users and increase your app downloads. You can use Facebook, Instagram, make a video on youtube explaining your app, Pinterest, Twitter, and even you can use quora.

If your app is related to a solution then you can go to quora to find the questions that are based on your app hen you can just answer them and give your app's link.

You may have a thought concerning whether your application will perform better on more expert channels, mediums that are utilized for diversion, or someplace in the middle. Else, you'll need to participate in testing to sort out which stages stand out enough to be noticed.

Promote your app with social media celebrities-

Social media has lots of famous celebrities you can reach to them, and they will promote your app on their social media handle. They will charge you some money. 

You can promote and select and reach to some influencers who have more followers and they will promote your app on their handles and charge you some money but you will reach their followers.

You can also sponsor youtube video and tell them to advertise your app, you can use youtube channel with any niche and promote your app.

Paid advertising on social media

Promote your app with social media with paid advertisement. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube have a great ad showing algorithms them your app will reach maximum users and it will be great for you. 

You can even target a particular region with these apps and you can do a lot of customization to show your app's ad and it will increase your reach.

You can run ads on Instagram as they have multiple ad showing options and Facebook also has the best option and trust me they will not disappoint you.


Get good user Reviews-

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If your app is on the play store or app store then getting a good review from users will take you to the next step. 

The user reviews can be the real pain for you if you get some bad reviews, people will check the reviews and if they found something bad then it will definitely affect your users.

Checking client reviews on the App Store or Google Play is a cycle that can be a genuine problem. 

Getting great client audits evades the chance of this psychological inclination becoming an integral factor when awful surveys surface that may prevent a likely client. As well, this equivalent idea becomes an integral factor when clients are inclined to enjoying (or if nothing else, needing to like) your application. Clients that are wavering or new to your application are bound to spend somewhat longer investigating your application by perusing at any rate a small bunch of audits. 


In case you're understanding this, you probably need a little assistance in getting more downloads. Take care to address both the great and the bad reviews and make a point to incorporate updates for clients to audit your application with the plan of getting the most noteworthy conceivable rating.

Provide a discount for paid apps-


If your app is paid then providing some offers can help you to get more downloads. If your app is paid then you can provide some huge discounts. You can evem provide paid stuff like premium images, free tools, and free courses with your app and interested people will buy your app.

IIf you are providing paid stuff with your app then you can advertise them on different networks to get more downloads.

Focus on brand awareness-


Building up an application is a certain something. Nonetheless, placing it before the potential crowd is a totally extraordinary issue. Keeping that in mind, you need to improve your online presence and spread the word. Start by making an exceptional greeting page. You can do it for nothing through stages like WordPress. 

In a perfect world, it is best that you get an area name and facilitating space, which doesn't cost a lot. This is a helpful advance for illuminating your clients pretty much all the critical highlights of your application. Attempt to be innovative here by utilizing your application's shading palette and text styles on the site page. This will reinforce your application's personality. 

All the while, run a blog on your website to pass on news identified with your application's updates, highlights, and so forth 6 out of 10 advertisers affirm that publishing content to a blog has brought them more clients. For your situation, this converts into more downloads.


Thus this is how you can increase your app's download. These strategies are useful and really works. We different types of tactics to increase your app's downloads. Remember one thing no app will get success overnight, it takes a lot of effort. These strategies are really useful and can push your app towards success. At Appvixel we have experienced devlopers, and marketers. They have a solutions related to different niche, you can Contact us for solutions.





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19 Dec 2020

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