Opportunities of Mobile App Development Nokia and Nasa 4G Internet Contract

Opportunities of Mobile App Development Nokia and Nasa 4G Internet Contract


 In today's world we completely dependent on the Internet. It is even harder to imagine our lives without the internet as it has made our lives really easy from education to order food.

Now the internet is only for earth but it will also available up to the moon. And you are planning to develop an application then we have a solution for you.

Due to the importance of the internet now NASA and Nokia shake hands to set 4g internet to the lunar surface for better communication and research. 

Due to the internet, the communication process is really easy and for better communication, NASA wants to establish the internet in space for fast and better communication up to the moon. Now it will be possible to use the internet even outside the earth.

Nokia is planning to set the internet up to the moon under Nasa and Nokia 4g Network.

Opportunities in Mobile App Development-Nasa and Nokia 4G Contract

The news of the contract has come out on 15th October through a tweet from Nokia and that completely change the mobile app development on earth and also it can do evolution in the mobile app development industry.

Possibilities and change after NASA and Nokia 4g contract

According to the Nasa contract award, Nasa wants smooth and communication on the lunar surface for astronauts for making their next projects easy.

The Internet will allow astronauts to use their phones even on the moon, and they can also browse, surf, stream, and upload which helps them in their upcoming projects and all of it will be possible after setting up the 4G network to lunar space.

There will be a huge change in the internet industry as the internet is reaching up to the moon and it will also open an unlimited number of opportunities. As the internet is reaching up to the moon it will change every aspect of viewing angle over the Internet.

Nokia gets the 14.1million US Dollars to set 4G internet on the moon. The grant is part of 370 million dollars worth of contract signed under NASA's Tripple point sections.

This is not the first attempt of Nokia to set the 4G Internet up to the moon, it was supposed to perform this in 2018. Nokia collaborated with PTScientist, a German space company, and Vodafone UK to set LTE Network at the site of Apollo 17 landing but the mission never got off the ground.

Nasa wants this for its 2024 project Artemis.

What is project Artemis?

Under the project, Artemis Nasa wants to send the first man and first woman on the moon in 2024 for planning a life on the moon for the next decade.
The main aim of the project to start a sustainable life on the moon and that's Nasa wants 4G internet over the moon so they can communicate easily and also it will help for other space projects.
Under this project, Nasa wants to check the possibilities and existence of lines over other planets besides earth, and under this project, Nasa will explore unknown aspects of the Moon.
By project, Artemis Nasa wants to build a super easy life to the moon. The internet will help them to build new technologies and innovation that makes life easy and also it will help astronauts for research and development in space. The aim of the project is not only to discover life but also explore never seen hidden aspects in space and the moon.
As I said, the internet out of space will change the internet industry and also change every aspect of viewing angle, and there will be a huge change in mobile app development as the moon will also have internet.

Future of mobile app development- Futuristic apps

As now the internet is reaching the moon then it will change the aspects of viewing angles in the mobile app development industry.

We have our apps that work on earth but after Nasa's mission Artemis the apps will be designed for the moon people also.
The administrator of Nasa said they are trying to build a groundbreaking network. The 4G network will allow them to run data transmission, use applications, use navigation apps on the moon just like we have google maps, and also they can stream high definition videos.
As you see the 4G network will allow them to use 4G network so they can use the mobile applications, which can create super evolution in the mobile app development industry. They will also need maps like Google maps, and other apps to learn things. After the mission, the application will not only design according to the earth livers but we will see the aspects and other viewing angles for moon livers also.
As I said they will also need an application to use, there are some ideas for building apps that change the aspects of the mobile app development industry on earth.
There are some basic application ideas which can help them-
1. Learning applications
2.Route navigation applications
3.straming platforms
4.application like the weather forecast
5.communication apps
6.Data management apps
Let's talk about each of them briefly...

1. Learning Applications-

  Learning applications are like knowledge-based applications. If we will succeed to create a life on the moon and after establishing the 4G Internet in space there will be some untouched hidden things will come out then there should be an application which can hold every knowledge to make life easier and also to learn according to theirs. The knowledge-based application will help to gather knowledge and also helps them to learn.

2.Route Navigation application-

We are using Google Maps here and we are completely relying on them. They will also need the same application according to them. 
With Route Navigation Application they will also find paths and ways to explore different things. As Google Maps shows us at what position we are standing, they will need this type of application to make life easier there and after 4G Network that all will be possible to them.

3. Streaming Platforms-

Here we use different kinds of OTT Platforms to entertain ourselves. If life is possible on the moon then they will also need streaming platforms to watch content and entertain themselves. 
No Matter where you are either you are on earth or on the moon, these OTT Platforms always comes with the content of different categories to entertain us. There will be changes in streaming apps according to lunar surface lie features that should not be affected by positions and weather behavior. As I said after possible life on the moon every app developer will look from both aspects.

4.Application Like Weather Forest-

We use the weather forecast app to keep update us from the weather and according to them, we decide our plans.
Moon has not an environment like earth and the weather of the moon is unpredictable so they will also need an application like a weather forecast app so they will be aware of weather and find ways to save themselves.

5.Communication Apps-

With the internet, it is really easy to communicate with each other from one corner to another and we use communication apps for them.
The communication apps allow us to get in touch with each other and on the moon, they will also need to connect with each other and besides communication, these apps are also can be used in research and other development. 
So suppose there is humanity on the moon then the internet will connect the moon people with earth and the apps will be designed according to them.

6. Data Managemeent Applications-

We have tons of apps and systems to keep our data on earth. On the moon, there will be different hidden things that will come out, and keep them safe and organized they will need some apps to manage data easily as the moon has an uncovered secret.
So In this post, we saw that Nasa and Nokia have contracted to launch internet service up to the moon and that will change the internet industry completely. There will be an evolution in technology and also there will be an evolution in the mobile app development sector.
The mobile application will build according to both sides and there will huge opportunities for developers to launch their apps. 
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By Jitendra

19 Dec 2020

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