Problems & Challenges faced by mobile app startups after launching App

Problems & Challenges faced by mobile app startups after launching App


The majority of people think that their job is done once the application is launched. However, the reality is quite opposite it because mobile app development is an on-going process and the android app development business is full of hard challenges. Moreover, it takes strategic planning and a clear vision to sustain and grow your app in such a highly competitive market. In this rat-race, they have to look at several challenges in order to survive. Mobile app startups are not new to seeing new organizations come into the competition and leaving due to disappointment.

The main challenge for any app-based start-up entrepreneur is to be reliable and stays intensive during ups and downs and find the problems to avoid after the app being launched. Monitoring and continuing a mobile application can be as difficult as developing it is.

Let us see what challenges mobile App startups may face and beware of all the encounters that your app businessperson can face after your app launched in the market.

Funding for startup

The hardest thing to set a new business is funding. Without taking enough funds no corporate can run for a long period. And for a startup working on a condition of low incomes – manpower and funds – it can be one of those things to avoid after app launch an app that can keep you from founding yourself in a full marketplace and not get lost in the crowd. Even it is also detected that half of the fund of the entrepreneur has been used to brand the top marketing plan.

There is also a challenge where mobile businesses must prove their latent and also show that their
creation is the most demanding one in order to get trust from the stockholders.

Manpower or Team

The most important parameter to run any start-ups is the team or manpower. Most often than not the team that you got related with to develop your mobile app gets left behind once the development is whole and launched. Even the most critical issue is to get the right one in order to apply their skills to live and grow start-ups. It sounds much cooler than done. In other words, you must hire the “right” persons with the essential experience to take your mobile app onward till the end of time. 
But, when you enter the practical grounds in realism where what you have to offer to those “right” people is next to nothing, it all seems to fall apart.

User involvement and Retention

However, retaining users on the application is a major task for app developers. Planned marketing tactics and outstanding promotion campaigns can get you a big number of app downloads but on the other hand, Reports propose that 70% of the users uninstall a new mobile app right within 3 months of downloading. Because of this reason, thrusting in money to get your application downloads is not correct. On the opposing, you should effort on attracting the operators with proper social media integration.


Marketing a new app is a cause of push back some brilliant app ideas, your apps may be included in that list. This competition is going on and never going to stop. Even some brands can completely sideline your products. The task rotating around discovering an answer to how to market a startup app is not even half as magnificent. There are A NUMBER of belongings you have to decide between – the right platform vs the cost-effective platform – less expenditure vs wider spread – and the list of misperceptions and fights goes on. The answer to how to market an app positively itself has been the cause of the departure of a number of bright app concepts such as you’re in the market
and it is not going to break.

Continuous update

There is something that always needs to add and remove from the app. Constantly maintaining a mobile app is a very difficult job to do. This is the reason the development of the App is a continuous process. If the newly developed app is not associated with an agency that is your app’s life partner that helps you to understand the importance of update of apps. Having an app developed is that is why called a continuous process, because the work never really ends, making what to do after an app launch, an endless list.

Provide Customer Support

Particularly in the case of an online commercial that offered to serve its customers at any time during the day. Keeping customers fulfilled is an important module of every successful business. So, having 24x7 customer care and hitting the potential clients’ needs first will make them feel linked. And their gratitude for customer facilities will advance the brand status.

The mobile app development industry is full of challenges and difficulties. Introduction an application is not the end of the game. Moreover, we can tell you that even post launching activities to create a flat path of success for your application can price you significantly.

Because we want to sit with you and comprehend you before we give a generic solution that would barely fit your business.

By Jitendra

18 Dec 2020

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