Revolution In Entertainment App Development With Virtual Reality(VR)

Revolution In Entertainment App Development With Virtual Reality(VR)


The potential for realities to disrupt a range of industries from health care to entertainment is widely discussed and often supported by research reports. There is no doubt that the existence of real-world repetitive application development that takes place in the world, creates a sensory experience, and mimics real-life situations and experiences will greatly affect the way we work. To take advantage of these emerging technologies, it is important to work with a Virtual Reality App Development Company.

However, one industry that has seen significant disruption in the entertainment industry. Virtual (VR) has been predicted to change the future of entertainment technology solutions.

Although we are on the brink of the transformation of human experience, the world is still a few years old with the widespread adoption of this technology. VR technology is at an advanced stage and faces challenges such as large headsets and uninterrupted communication. To overcome these obstacles, it is important to work with a reputable company to develop a Virtual Application.

The VR industry is growing rapidly with the market size of virtual reality hardware and software expected to rise from 2.2 billion US dollars in 2017 to more than 19 billion US dollars by 2020. Other forecasting revenue from the real world real estate market will reach $ 21.5 billion by 2020.

Virtual Reality (VR) puts you in the digital world by creating immersive experiences using 360-degree video or computer-enabled environments. The key to virtual reality is to transform an inactive viewer into an active participant in the action. VR is definitely designed to transform entertainment, especially because of the growing number of companies and brands.

According to stats, In 2017 the AR/VR market was 213 million U.S. dollars, and in 2025 the AR/VR market will be 673,602.2 million U.S. dollars.

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Source: Statista


What are the opportunities in entertainment with virtual reality-

The benefits of VR technology are a lot. VR has opened wide opportunities and revolution in the entertainment industry, which we will discuss in this post. With the revolution in the entertainment industry, VR entertainment app development is the best way to grab the opportunity.


How is virtual reality(VR) used in entertainment-


Local VR:

With millions of dollars in investment, Location Based Entertainment is growing to become one of the most accessible, social, and financial VR acquisitions. The term LBE is used throughout the entertainment industry, such as theme parks, arcades, bowling styles, parks, casinos, movie theaters, and many more.

Aside from being sensible, sports are generally not considered to be local-based entertainment. LBE VR allows for the hosting of VR experiences, allowing users to interact physically and environmentally as they can in their home. Local VR key experience itself creates content that includes real content that should not just be exported from mainstream commercial platforms.


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Movie Theaters with Virtual Reality(VR):

Movie theaters are usually ready and willing to try new technologies to keep their seats full. The theater and theater screen offers a fully immersive experience, but theater owners are always looking for a new edge beyond home entertainment.

In fact, theaters are at the forefront of the latest technological advances in cinema experience: The reality. Wearing headphones, movie lovers look at the whole system in the visible world, in an empty, screen-free room with luxurious chairs, spinning office styles.


Ride to Virtual Reality Theme Park:

Riding a real theme park ride is a practical use of technology and is actually nothing new. World-famous amusement parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios have been using flight simulator technology for years to create motion simulator rooms. However, these attractions go beyond the use of head-mounted displays that include the use of high-definition movie screens, upholstered sounds, and car seats to really provide a sense of space entertainment. Today, the real modern reality is gaining ground in the park theme industry.


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Best and top virtual reality(VR) devices-

Oculus Rift S:

Named the headset with the most advanced PC, the Oculus Rift S plans to be the gold standard for Virtual Reality HMDs. Specially designed for video gambling, it brings the best of the immersive immersive experience.

Purchased by Facebook in 2014, Oculus VR is well funded as it seeks to establish itself as a Virtual Reality hardware and software company.


IHTC Vive:

HTC's VR system was brought to us in partnership with Valve, and powered by Steam VR - the leading VR theme and combo controller on the market today. Designed for VR-only, it offers state-of-the-art technology such as powerful and powerful controls, smoothness, and intelligence. HTC brings the full gaming experience with true HD haptic feedback.


Samsung Gear VR:

Samsung's VR headsets are powered by Oculus and require a smartphone device to power them, and naturally work best with Samsung brand phones such as the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, and S7 Edge.


Google Cardboard:

Offering hundreds of immersive options to choose from, Google Cardboard lets you experience visual effects in a simple and inexpensive way. It is a great option for those who wish to enter the world of Virtual Reality only.

Easy to use. Just order one, and when it’s up to you, wrap it up, put your phone in, and explore the entire VR app.


Printing Equipment and Haptic Gloves:

In addition to VR headsets, there are many devices that enhance or enhance immersion levels as the user enters the visual environment. If there is more space (and revenue) available, Treadmill is ready to allow its user to take the VR experience to another level. They can walk in a safe place, run, or jump 360 degrees, exploring the landscapes and practicing at the same time.


The reality of entertainment can be organized in two important ways-

Develop/sell/rent VR products known for gaming, entertainment, parties, corporate events, and personal use.

Advertising and monetization within VR applications.

Those who have already invested or explored this niche, see the cost of real virtual machines or hardware but know that it is all about content. More content, more games, more imitation, more tours - the better. People want new experiences and new feelings, they want to have fun. VR Games attract new customers looking for fun.



It is the right time to grab this opportunity with VR entertainment apps, you can go with the best VR entertainment app development company, and make your own entertainment app with VR.

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By Jitendra Galani

08 Jan 2021

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